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Dating for the sensitive man

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What I do now David is to keep eating healthy off-season, then 10 weeks out from the show I cut everything we are not suppose to eat - you know what I mean!

Right now, we are just taking it day-by-day and step-by-step, making each other happy.Also Kai is new in the pro ranks and I want him to take all the opportunities he can to succeed and I'll be patient by supporting him.I will not push him, we have our plans and we will let things happen the way it is supposed to happen.But I never called him; I just waited and wondered.Then we saw each other at the USA show in July (2007) and started the flirting, but he was very polite and kind and so charming. There are advantages because we are both doing the same thing and understand each other. So we really complete each other, but this doesn't mean it's always easy.I sought some real answers on this most interesting alliance from one half of the bodybuilding super couple: the former Ms. Over recent decades, professional bodybuilding and fitness has had several high profile couples and most, it appears, were on shaky ground throughout, and ultimately did not last.

Bodybuilding is not an easy sport and relationships are often sacrificed at the expense of achieving one's best shape and higher placements.

But David, when two people love each other like Kai and I do, I believe they can go through anything together. Kai is around 275 pounds - in shape - right now; usually off-season he is around 310 pounds like he was before the Arnold.

Right now I weight 150-pounds off-season, while still looking good. But at the NYC Pro show he will be around 260-268 pounds and very sharp.

Their mutual support and respect has made them better athletes.

And it appears their relationship, based on respect and love, will endure long after their careers are over, at least if what Dayana told me recently is correct.

You have read the message boards and snippets here and there.