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Dating site weirdos

These Scammers use other folks' photos, which are easily discovered thru Google Picture search and other search engines.the Scammers use all the well established practices of a scammer : terrible grammar skills, wanting your cell phone number, trying to get you to delete your account right a way. With We Just Fit I had a date in my first month and although I know that's unusual, I still think that after 2 months I should be moving offline more.

There are very few real ads on Mingle 2 vs the scammers. I was contacted by a lot of English-speaking men most of them saying to be widowers, serving in the military or working on an oil rig or a surgeon on UN mission, none wanted a video chat, mostly email or Hangout or Whatsap.I may be in my 30s but I like to think im still down with sydney's cool crowd and EH just makes me feel a little conservative and serious. The women there are from Nigeria and stealing other girls pictures. And there are asian women who are also merried with a guy in Thailand or other asian county's who like to benefit from your money. I am even suspisous if they are woman because none would talk on the phone.... I NEVER TEXTS SO MANY LADIES THAT SELL GOLD, ANTIQUES, HAIR STYLIST, AND OR LIVE OFF DADDIES MILLIONS HE LEFT HER. TO DEPOSIT MONEY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT THAT YOU DID NOT ASK FOR. I FOUND OUT S LADY CONTACTED ME WANTING PROOF WHO I WAS AND WHERE. SHE TOLD ME THEY USING YOUR PHOTOS AS A MILITARY GUY OVERSEAS AND MOOCHING MONEY OFF LADIES. So Mingle2 is a worth a shot if you really don't want to spend any money on a premium or vip membership but IMO if you are able to spend between 15-30 bucks a month you will find better alternatives. They all tell you about how bad the women on this site are, but what about the men on there? Some will act like they are your Knight in shinny armor, Ladies don't be fooled.The playing and act the dont have a boy friend and just stay away from white women and be-alert for asian the not even behind your back too and the are the most worst women ever. I am from The Netherlands, I cant find any fit or good women in my country, because most of them are gold diggers! 95% THAT RESPONDED TO ME OR SENT ME MAIL WANTED MONEY, GIFTS, GRANNIES MEDS, I TUNE CARDS, PLANE TICKET MONEY TO VISIT ME. I DID TEXT ONE LADY SHE TOLD ME IT IS A GROUP MEN OUT OF AFRICA JOUNED MINGLE SATURATED THE WEB SITE WITH PHOTOS THEY COLLECT OVER THE YEARS. Most of the men on Mingle are not that great looking as well.I even got malware from the site which redirected my homepage to the Mingle 2 log in page. woman who lives in USA but whose future is in France (which is true I will be retiring to France). Out of three French men two professed love very soon and asked for money within 1-2 months, the third is yet to be discovered (been on Hangouts for 2 weeks, promised a video chat as soon as he fixes his phone, red flag already). I have PM's some girls, but there white girls and the are looking for money. And after she told me she need some money I blocked her en she scold me out. all young and beautiful photos but ironically not a single one uses social media to verify them.I suspect the website owners themselves infected my browser with it. Mingles became worse than it was back in 2015, its a pit of scammers. All of them right away asked for money and gratuity. Mingle 2 isnt a good site and very rude and bad and will tell you why? I did tried it again and again a other white girl looks for money and sent me a fake ID-card those white girls are between 18 till 35 years too bad. try to sucker you with pretty young women photos so guys upgrade to see if they "matched" with them. Borderline fraudulent To many men who lie to women on this site.Previously, a teacher at a Christian school lost her job after being posted on My Ex — and was later charged with filing a false police report in connection with the posting.

My Ex is purportedly operated by “Web Solutions, B.

Not the worst site in australia but not quite the best either, that accolade stays with for a while longer at least. If they didnt get the money they asked for, they would get mad at you. And there are girls the having affair or already merried and looking by benefit from a guy money it's like hook up! 90% of the ladies i messaged gave me a fake city location. THEY PRETEND TO BE MILITARY MEN OVERSEAS LOOKING TO GET AN AMERICAN LADY FEEL SORRY FOR A GUY MISSING HOME. THE VERY FEW AMERICAN LADIES I TALKED TO ADMITTED TO BE SCAMED OUT OF MONEY. ILL BE HAPPY TO TALK ON PHONE IM IN FLORIDA SO BE SURE TO DEMAND I CALL YOU WITH A FLORIDA EXCHANGE. But one of the other reviewers wrote: You get what you pay for and I can't agree more. They do not respect the boundaries of a women's rights.

Thing with Mingle2 is it has the numbers but lacks the bloody cool people, you know? The women will flatter you and even tell you that they love you. The weird part of dating more than one woman is that you would find out that your talking to the same woman with a different picture. If I met such a white lady, I would break her head with a hammer completely and take her head off with an ax, they would not come face to face it's only the money the wants. When i ASKED for a date i found most are living in africa. I WAS ON MINGLE 12 WEEKS ALL I GOT WAS REQUESTS FOR MONEY, BOGUS LIVING LOCATIONS ATTEMPTS TO GET MY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS, REFUSALS TO TALK ON PHONE. ONE MORE THING I WAS TOLD MY PROFILE IS BEING USED I DONR KNOW HOW, I SUSPECT THEY GET YOUR PHOTOS AND CREATE A BOGUS PROFILE USING YOUR PHOTOS AND MOOCH MONEY. AND YOU MEN DONT WASTE YOUR TIME UNLESS YOUR GOING TO GIVE THINGS TO A MAN IN AFRICA WITH A LADIES PICTURES. Got myself an upgraded membership on It Sucks To Be and really like how admins take care of fake profiles and weirdos. If a women wants you to not contact her and if she is not into you, then just leave her alone, it's just that simple!

It has been the subject of increasing media attention and peripheral legal action, although the site itself has never been sued.

This week, a former NFL player was sued by his ex-wife, who alleged that he posted her nude photos to My

A review of a complaint posted by Chilling shows that the plaintiff complained to Google in October 2013.