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Dating the earth through the bible

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Ironically, NASA scientists accept that there have been ‘catastrophic floods’ on Mars although no liquid water is present today.

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The booklet shows other fossils that must have formed rapidly.It was found that the same layer thicknesses were reproduced, regardless of flow rate.This suggests that the original rock was produced by a similar self-sorting mechanism, followed by cementing of the particles together.The philosophy that processes have always occurred at roughly constant rates (‘the present is the key to the past’) is often called .But more recently, the word ‘uniformitarianism’ has been applied in other contexts to mean also constancy of natural laws, sometimes called ‘methodological uniformitarianism,’ as opposed to what some have called ‘substantive uniformitarianism.’ It should also be pointed out that uniformitarian geologists have long allowed for the occasional (localized) catastrophic event.Sedimentation experiments by the creationist Guy Berthault, sometimes working with non-creationists, have shown that fine layers can form by a self-sorting mechanism during the settling of differently sized particles.

In one of Berthault’s experiments, finely layered sandstone and diatomite rocks were broken into their constituent particles, and allowed to settle under running water at various speeds.

This chapter analyzes rock formation and dating methods in terms of what these two competing models would predict.

The vast thicknesses of sedimentary rocks around the world are commonly used as evidence for vast age.

And there is a vertical tree trunk that penetrates several rock layers (hence the term fossil).

If the upper sedimentary layers really took millions or even hundreds of years to form, then the top of the tree trunk would have rotted away.

As shown above, the evidence from the geological record is consistent with catastrophes, and there are many features that are hard to explain by slow and gradual processes.