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Donghae dating show

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2NE1 & Big Bang - YG In Da Mix Part 7 (lbum 2012) 251.

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Baby, knock knock knock knock Knock on my door Knock knock knock knock knock It won’t be so easy to open it up Say that you’re mine Come again tomorrow and the day after I will be ready and wait (knock knock) Baby, knock knock knock knock Knock on my door Knock knock knock knock knock Wanna keep hearing it again Knock on my door No need for that gold key or get lucky If you truly mean it everything’s gonna be okay Oh no, you’re already here, Could you please wait a moment You pop in when I am alone Shake me right out of my mind Now is the perfect Show time make it yours Dang dang when the clock strikes, would you come to me (You come to me) Turn round round will only make you fall asleep Knock knock knock knock Knock on my door Knock knock knock knock Knock on my door Come in, come in, come in baby, Take my hands Knock on my heart and open it up Knock hard Bam! 20th Century (V6) - Replay ~Best of 20th Century~ (Mini Album 2004) 171. 20th Century (V6) - WISHES ~I'll be there~ (Single 1999) 173. 20th Century (V6) - Precious Love (Single 2000) 170. 24/7 - 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week (Single 2009) 176. 2BIC - Did You Forget Everything (Single 2012) 209. 2Bi C - I Guess We Were Really In Love (Mini Album 2017) 213. 2Bi C - Made Yet Another Woman Cry (Single 2012) 218.

2Bi C - Soul Mate Walking Backwards (Repackage) (Mini Album 2014) 223.

I get so flustered Just looking at you I can’t do anything, ba-ba-ba-baby I’m already imagining Saying your name informally Though we don’t know each other yet Beautiful no matter what I wear Having a fashion show with you in the mirror This time I’ll be the first to talk talk Even though I swear it, I only ever swear it Nanana nananana I tried humming a sweet love song Why is it?

That’s all it takes To make me want to cry (I love you so much) I tried to act all grown up, but just couldn’t My heart’s display is always the crying emoji The more I try to hold it back The more it overflows, my love overflows baby I’m like TT, just like TT Pretending you don’t notice, stop it I’m like TT, just like TT Tell me that you’d be my baby You say that even though I’m cute My looks don’t set me apart That’s doesn’t cheer my up at all, ba-ba-ba-baby I’m down and depressed, but why?

1sagain - Words I Want To Tell You All Night (Single 2015) 151.

20 Years Of Age - Glitter Of The Moment (Mini Album 2017) 162.

12012 - Increasingly (Reissure) (Mini Album 2005) 85.