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Hockey player dating lady gaga

Join us as we countdown the sizzling, sultry ladies who have melted some NHL players’ seemingly frigid hearts. Lauren is but a simple Minnesota girl, who fell head-over-heels for one of the finest wingmen in the league right now. Cosgrove, except that her social media followers – and T.For a double-dose of eye candy, check out our latest top 10 NBA WAGs feature as well right after this. J.’s by extension as well – is constantly being fed with the lovely couple’s moments together.

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The Québecoise actress Morin is currently and rather appropriately engaged to Montreal Canadien winger, Brandon Prust.Much like her husband, Collins has gone through many past ventures in her line of work as a reporter.Her most notable stint remains her time as a sideline reporter for the NBA; all the while also having covered NASCAR, the PGA, and other media channels such as entertainment ().Since Melanie is still just in the significant-other phase of her relationship with Uphall…do you think there’s any chance that she still gets around like with her previous jobs to give us regular Joes a shot at winning her affection?Gagner tied the knot with this brains-and-bod belle in 2014, and it’s a good thing he did so sooner than later.

Because if he hadn’t done so, plenty of other guys have already thought about lining up around the block to try and woo Rachel away from him, that’s for sure.

However, she prefers to avoid the North-American spotlight in spite of her bodacious figure and smile that we local viewers will surely go gaga over. Standout goalie Ryan Miller of the Vancouver Canucks sure likes to mix sugar with spice, alright.

C’mon, King Henrik; share with us a slice of your kingdom and have Emma make more public appearances on U. Miller is married to an American knockout by the name of Noureen De Wulf, an actress who has had roles in film (.

Now we’re left wondering exactly what kind of naughty sweet-nothings curl off her tongue in a foreign dialect to get Miller to allow her to “score” past his defenses.

Like a true Canadian (who plays in America), Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews sure knows how to pick his women.

Just to keep track: that’s football, nudie mags and video games all in one right there.