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Ibdating 2

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There is a $1 million prize for solving the Riemann Hypothesis and $250,000 available for anyone who discovers a new, really big prime number.I have supplemented these with some more possible areas for investigation.With a bit of ingenuity you can enrich even quite simple topics to bring in a range of mathematical skills. You should not have too much external links on your website. The links on the other websites are called external link.Fermat’s Last Theorem is one of the most famous such equations.

6) Continued fractions: These are fractions which continue to infinity.

9) Random numbers 10) Pythagorean triples: A great introduction into number theory – investigating the solutions of Pythagoras’ Theorem which are integers (eg. 11) Mersenne primes: These are primes that can be written as 2^n -1.

12) Magic squares and cubes: Investigate magic tricks that use mathematics. 13) Loci and complex numbers 14) Egyptian fractions: Egyptian fractions can only have a numerator of 1 – which leads to some interesting patterns. Can all fractions with a numerator of 2 be written as 2 Egyptian fractions?

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This is the British International School Phuket’s IB maths exploration (IA) page.

Standard Level students and Higher Level students have their own revision areas. Code Breaking You may also enjoy taking part in our school’s code breaking website.