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Speed dating hong kong english

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The activities are diverse -- dinner, happy hour, art jamming and live performances -- facilitating natural interactions among people of various backgrounds such as musicians, carpenters, businessmen and doctors.

“It’s a bit awkward at first,” says Lee, “But those questions help everyone get comfortable.” Good ice-breaker moves might be asking about people’s pets or jobs, topics most are ready to talk about. The most nerve-wracking part of the meal is at the end when you fill out a survey and check who you were most interested in.The pair met during a two-day yacht tour in Shenzhen."The trip was organized by an agency and attended by fifteen self-claimed multi-millionaires and eighteen women from Hong Kong and the mainland.Founder of matchmaking agency Dateday, Faye Wong notes, “Most of the time, guests hesitate ticking the name of their favorite candidate that same night.What happens is the next day or so, they’ll call or email to tell me that they were actually interested in so-and-so.“This is the modern way of finding a marriage partner,” notes Lee.

The host will only be there at the beginning and the end of the meal.

Recommended speed dating agencies: 214 Dating: For non-degree to mid-level professional singles in their twenties to mid-thirties looking for some fun.

A certified matchmaker helps you increase the chance of meeting Mr Right through consultations, image styling, and pre-matching techniques.

Prescreening is extremely rigorous, so you always get qualified individuals like CEOs and directors.

Last November, Hong Kongers were captivated by a potential marriage between a 26-year old “Hong Kong beauty” and a 39-year old multimillionaire.

Meet as many singles as possible in a short amount of time, starting with a simple online registration process.