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Sweden dating marriage

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In the decades after World War II, Swedish society grew and expanded at record speed.

Some customs are so old that we have forgotten their origins.Young people closed their ears to the stories of their elders and refused to look back.The future was just on the horizon and it was simply a matter of getting there as quickly as possible.They light candles at Advent and pay homage to a white-clad Lucia with a crown of candles in her hair.Swedish food tends to be influenced by the seasons.Most Swedes already know what the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan, involves.

Several new traditions have found their way into Swedish life in recent years, usually via the media or as a result of commercial pressures.

The Swedes are split in their image of themselves: while they are proud of their own history, they also become uncomfortable when confronted with that which is deemed continental and internationally acceptable.

When the opportunity arose, Sweden flung itself headlong into the modern era.

In modern Sweden, the old and the new live side by side, sometimes in the form of two parallel narratives, sometimes – but less often – as an integrated whole.

The same could be said of all that comes into the country from other parts of the world: people, trends and modes of expression from other cultures and spheres.

The way it is spiced and cooked often reflects the storage needs of the peasant communities of the old days, as in the case of pickled herring, freshly salted or smoked meat, or dairy products that have been curdled, boiled or left to mature.