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Tyler durden dating

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In the front of the school, the name is visibly revealed to be Lee High, home of the Fighting Rebels.

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As the bell finally rings, the song fades away and everyone rushes to class.With the fanatical War Boys of Immortan Joe’s citadel fast approaching, the chase is on.Max hops into his car and drives off into the dry desert plain before crashing his car and eating the dirt.On a locker, the words “Seniors 1976” are spray painted in white, a noticeable sign that it’s the last day of school and the hazing is about to commence.As stoners are shown smoking on the side of the building, other teens are hanging out by their cars waiting for the first bell to ring.He is pulled back into the confines of his new prison, where his path will cross with Immortan Joe and his war leader Furiosa when the latter plots to steal the cult leader’s many wives.

In the deserted mountains of New Mexico, a lone prospector frantically drudges over a pit mine hole from inside the bowels of the earth.

In the first shot, an orange 1970 Pontiac GTO cruises in a circle around the parking lot of a high school as the song plays in the background.

In the front seat, a young woman can be seen getting stoned, an indication that the film is true to its title.

We're sad to say, that means the Omaha Beach landing fromt’s with thanks to the directors, writers and everyone else involved that we take the time to truly appreciate those great starts to some of our favorite films.

Without further hesitation, we present to you the Sweeet emoootioon.

Mad Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) introduces you to his world of chaos through narration before stepping on a lizard and eating it whole.