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Xp not updating daylight savings

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I assume that this is because Microsoft's HQ is in Redmond, WA, which is located in this time zone.

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For whatever reason, the time zone for Eastern Standard Time (EST) was not updated to reflect changing in March.Before then, we regard it as 0200 EST and we're 5 hours behind UTC.After that, we regard it as 0300 EDT and we're 4 hours behind UTC. What happens at the daylight savings switchover is not that 'the time changes' but 'our offset from the unchanged UTC has changed'.I was able to use the utility to change the start and end dates for DST.It's strange how they were not updated as they should have been with the Windows Update and that I did not encounter this problem when DST ended last year.Tried all the usual suspects: Time synchronization has nothing to do with time zones.

Windows time synchronization and internal time is always UTC.

I do have the option checked to "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" under the Date and Time properties.

I even tried reinstalling the DST update and received a message stating the same update or a newer one was already installed. I am confused as to why this is occurring all of the sudden. What may seem like a small thing to some is a major annoyance to me.

and pc's on my network are behaving strange, some of them change time and some didn't.

My network: 2 locations both in Midwest, same time zone.

I would appreciate that any future posts contain actual help rather than just saying, "get over it."Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide further assistance with this issue.